Facial Hair

Written by Rylee Newton
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For men facial hair is a major part of growing up. For many women, it is a part of growing old. Men typically remove the hair on their face by shaving it off once a day, while women typically pluck their hair, or have it removed by waxing by a specialist at a beauty salon. The most important things to consider when searching for a removal method that's right for you is cost, comfort and long-term results.

For many men removing facial hair is a painful process that leaves tiny red bumps or other scars over time. Many of these men turn to longer-term solutions such as laser hair removal or electrolysis. While this may seem like an extreme measure it is necessary for a small percentage of the men in the world today. Some men actually prefer long-term hair removal options because they want a smooth look without all of the daily work it takes to achieve it.

How Women Deal with Facial Hair

For women facial hair can be a source of embarrassment. This is especially true in those intimate moments when you find a hair on your chin or neck, and don't want that special someone to find it before you can get to it. For women with a small amount of hair growth, the problem can be tamed with a regular dose of good old plucking and waxing. It is important to get a reliable mirror that has adequate light. Nothing is worse than getting out into the light and finding out you missed a hair.

For women with more severe hair growth, there are treatment options that can cut back the amount of growth significantly. When you repeatedly provide a hostile environment for hair growth, the growth tends to slow down, and in some cases even stops completely. Some of the most popular options for permanent removal include electrolysis and laser hair removal. You can also find a number of topical creams and sprays that work to prevent the growth of new hair over time.

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