Female Hair Loss

Written by Liza Hartung
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Female hair loss is something that most women do not think about. We see it in men all the time, but don't really think it could happen to us. Well, it won't happen to the extent that men have it, but it can certainly strike without warning. This is not to say that it will happen in everyone, or that it will even be very noticeable. Just know that it is possible, but there are things you can do to stop it when it starts.

The reason balding is not as obvious in women is that the hormone that causes it is a male hormone. This means that men have the hormone, DHT, in much greater amounts. When female hair loss occurs, it generally happens sporadically over the head and stays away from the hairline. Men, however, will get one big patch in the back, the front will start to go, and, eventually, the two shall meet. Women do not have to worry about this.

It can still be quite a stressful thing for a woman, though, to experience female hair loss. Society has placed a stamp on women saying that long, flowing hair is the sexiest way to go. When balding begins, this can be a great blow to the ego and women can find themselves in the midst of low self-esteem and even anxiety.

What to Do about Female Hair Loss

Although there are plenty of treatments on the market, many women do not seek them out. I'm not sure why this is. However, for the women who want to stop their hair loss, you should look into products that contain two-percent minoxidil. You may also choose to try something all-natural in order to avoid potentially dangerous side effects.

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