Female Hair Loss Treatments

Written by Liza Hartung
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For any woman experiencing the trauma of balding, you will want to look into female hair loss treatments. Many more men than women go out and buy such treatments, but balding is happening just as often in women. It is not as obvious in women, however, but women don't want to lose hair just as much as men, perhaps more so. Women are thought to always have lovely, thick hair. It is more socially acceptable for a man to go bald.

When a woman starts to notice that her hair is thinning, a few things can happen. She may be okay with it. This is particularly common in women who have very thick hair naturally. They may actually enjoy losing a bit of it because it has been so bushy for so long. Women with naturally thinner hair, however, may not be as pleased. Any woman can experience stress, anxiety and lowered self-esteem.

There is one good thing about female balding. If you're going to get it, know that it will generally stay away from the front hairline and will be spread out over the head, not in a concentrated patch like on men. Plus, when the hair stops growing, the follicles do not die. There is the possibility of re-growth. This is where female hair loss treatments come in.

Kinds of Female Hair Loss Treatments

The only way to slow, stop or potentially re-grow is with female hair loss treatments. There is nothing in the body that will do this naturally. In addition, when you choose a treatment, you must continue as long as you want to keep hair loss at bay. If you stop treatments, your hair will stop growing. Many treatments that are good for men are also good for women. Check the label first. If you are going to do something synthetic, like medicine, as opposed to all natural, look for products that contain two-percent minoxidil.

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