Written by Michael Federico
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Follicare is a hair loss prevention system, which uses a combination of natural products and the chemical minoxidil. It was developed by a group of doctors, scientists, and chemists who believed that minoxidil was integral to stopping pattern baldness, but also believed that it was not fully effective on its own. To supplement the chemical, they created solutions that use ingredients such as aloe leaf, rosemary, nettle, ginko biloba, horsetail extract, and plantain.

The Follicare program has four parts to it. The first is an all-natural topical spray that delivers DHT blockers to the scalp. Blocking the production of DHT is seen as the most important step in hair loss prevention, and some form of blocker is used by almost all of the respected hair loss prevention systems. Along with the topical spray, a person will take a nutritional supplement that is made up of over 20 DHT blockers.

Using a nutrient shampoo constitutes the third step of the Follicare procedure. It keeps hair from becoming brittle and breaking and, more importantly, it provides keratin protein, which is essential for hair growth. Using a "5 percent extra strength" form of minoxidil is the final step.

Is Follicare Better than Other Hair Loss Systems?

Many people are drawn to Follicare because it combines both natural and chemical hair loss prevention tactics. They believe fighting hair loss in different ways will give them a better chance of holding onto the hair that they have and, if all works out, growing new hair. This is not always true.

Very few natural products have actually been proven to prevent hair loss. Products like Saw Palmetto have been researched and received FDA approval, but the majority of natural substances in Follicare have not. While Minoxidil has worked for some, it does not work for everyone. Also, because it is a chemical, it can cause side effects. Even though a person is no longer required to get a prescription for a product like Follicare, before using any type of chemical treatment it is always a good idea to consult a health care professional.

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follicare is garbage use this

What about hairloss shampoos? A lot of them have the main active compounds of these natural products. Also th ones with ketoconazole. I use one call RegenePure, it's doing wonders on my hair. And it helps out as an anti-dandruff. I always get mine online