Written by Scott Martin
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Folligraft is a method of hair replacement that grafts hair to your scalp. Because Folligraft uses a membrane that closely resembles the skin in appearance and texture, the results are incredibly real-looking. The membrane takes on the color of the skin since it is transparent and also breathes just like skin. Many patients like this specific method since it is less invasive than traditional hair implant systems.

The Basics of Folligraft

Prior to the Folligraft graft procedure, the scalp skin is thoroughly exfoliated in order to remove all dead skin cells. The graft is then laid on the scalp and joins to the skin through the use of a special adherent. The medical grade adherent is FDA approved so it shouldn't irritate your scalp.

Prior to the application, specialists match the hair in the membrane to your actual hair. They ensure that the texture and color are identical to your natural hair. Specifications such as curl or fineness are taken into account as well.

You should only have a Folligraft procedure performed by trained professionals. You can find more information on the Folligraft process by searching for professionals in your area. It's worth your while to do research as you'll feel good knowing you chose a very qualified professional.

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