Hair Growth Shampoo

Written by Michael Federico
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Hair growth shampoo is often one part of a total hair loss treatment system. Shampoo is used three to five times a week to stimulate growth. At the same time, a person will take a vitamin or medicinal supplement, and apply topical solutions directly to the scalp. While many people are quick to dismiss hair loss treatments, and especially hair growth shampoo, great strides have been made in the industry, and many shampoos are actually quite effective.

There are shampoos that have no real hair growth stimulants in them, but they give the appearance of growth. These shampoos can be used by both men and women who want to have thicker-looking hair. It should be pointed out that these products can make it look like someone has more hair than he actually does, but they cannot stop hair loss.

Finding an Effective Hair Growth Shampoo

When looking for a hair growth shampoo, it is a good idea to look for a product that has some type of DHT blocker in it. DHT is considered to be a major cause of pattern hair loss. Stopping production of DHT is crucial in not only saving hair, but stimulating growth.

There are natural shampoos that possess Beta Sitosterol and Saw Palmetto, two DHT blockers. Unlike most natural hair growth products, these have been proven to effectively slow the DHT conversion process. Using these shampoos is as easy as using any normal shampoo. However, most hair growth shampoos are not to be used every day. When using the shampoo along with other hair growth products, it is important to note if there are specific times that each part of the treatment needs to take place.

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