Hair Loss Information

Written by Michael Federico
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Even with advances in science and technology, information regarding hair loss is often clouded by myths and old wives tales. There are not a large number of doctors who specialize in the field, so people often end up getting their information from commercials or other sources that are product based. This has led many to try treatment methods that simply do not work, and it has led others to come to the conclusion that nothing can be done.

There are options for many people who are losing their hair. Most people are familiar with hair transplant surgery at this point, but the idea of surgery and the cost involved do not make it appealing or reasonable for many people. Other products, both prescription and non-prescription, have proven to be successful in treating hair loss. However, getting detailed information on every product on the market is virtually impossible.

Getting Credible Hair Loss Information

Companies that produce hair loss treatments are like most other companies out there. They need to make money to survive. Often, this desire gets in the way of truth. Many people have been led to a particular treatment based on nothing other than a good marketing campaign. Treatments take time and money, and for people truly concerned about losing their hair, there is often an emotional investment as well.

It is important to look for independent sources regarding each product. Prescription treatments must be approved by the FDA, so finding information for them is not terribly difficult. There are natural products on the market that have been tested by the FDA, as well. When researching a treatment, a person should take into account how long the process takes, its success rate, and simply how the product works. There are a number of products out there that do not possess DHT blockers, which means that they are probably not adept at fighting hair loss in the long run. Simple things such as this will not be discussed by a product's manufacturer, but they will be addressed by outside research performed by universities or medical institutions.

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