Hair Loss Prevention

Written by Michael Federico
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Hair loss prevention can start when a person still has a relatively full head of hair. Many people simply wait too long before seeking treatment for hair loss. By the time they start using products, there is very little left that can be done. If prevention starts early, there is a much better chance that a person will keep his hair for a long time.

For many years, hair loss prevention systems were often looked at as a bit of a joke in the medical community. This was due largely to the fact that most products had no real scientific merit. Many were simply old home remedies that had been bottled or canned and slapped on the shelves. The time had not been spent to isolate the causes of hair loss, and products reflected that. Each claimed to "cure" hair loss in a completely different way. Fortunately, there is a better understanding of what is behind baldness these days, and many in the medical community are finally coming around on the subject of prevention.

Hair Loss Prevention with DHT Blockers

No product claims (or at least no product should claim) that it can prevent hair loss forever. As people age, they lose their hair, and at a certain point there is not much that can be done. However, there are products that can greatly slow down the process.

DHT is a major cause of pattern baldness. There are substances that can remove DHT from hair follicles and stop the damage that it causes. In essence, DHT blockers allow a person to have longer hair growth cycles for a longer period of time. A longer cycle leads to thicker hair and more scalp coverage. Using DHT blockers can prevent pattern baldness form going too far, too fast.

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