Hair Loss Treatments For Women

Written by Liza Hartung
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Although balding is not as obvious in women, there are still many of the female gender who would like to know about hair loss treatments for women. Men most certainly fear hair loss and many have a great blow to the ego if it starts to occur. It can be something men obsess over for years. Women, however, may not begin to fear it until it actually starts happening.

Women's balding is not as obvious as men's for a few reasons. One is that pattern baldness is caused by a male hormone; therefore, women only have small traces of it. Because of this, hair loss in women is generally limited to the back of the head and to random places. There are generally no concentrated spots of hair loss for women. But, when a woman has been proud and sexy all her life because of her hair, watching it thin slowly can cause stress, anxiety and lowered self-esteem.

This is not the end, though. The hair follicles are not dead and therefore have the possibility of re-growth. If the balding is caused by genetics, there is nothing in the body that will stop this process naturally. However, there are many hair loss treatments for women available today. Some of the treatments that work for men are also fine for women. Some are not. Make sure to check the label first.

At-Home Hair Loss Treatments for Women

Women in particular are subject to hair loss for reasons other than genetics. Constant coloring of the hair can lead to thinning. Blow-drying every day and pulling your hair into tight settings can do the same. If you must color your hair, do not do it more often than every six to eight weeks. Try letting your hair air dry a few times a week. Avoid hot irons when you can. These are some hair loss treatments for women that you can do right at home and not spend any money.

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