Hair Replacement System

Written by Scott Martin
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A hair replacement system is generally a term used to describe a total hair replacement such as a transplant or hair piece. There are various types of systems one could choose, ranging from inexpensive to quite extravagant. The most important aspect of any hair replacement system is that you feel good with your new head of hair.

Finding a Good Hair Replacement System

A good hair replacement system is the right balance of quality and affordability. Most of us don't have thousands of dollars to throw around at the fanciest hair system on the market today. We want a solution that looks and feel great without costing a bundle.

When choosing a replacement system, there are several things to consider. You want to investigate the material that the hair is made out of--some hair systems feature actual human hair while others have synthetic hair. Human hair tends to look more natural since it is in fact real hair; however, synthetic hair tends to hold style and curl much better than natural hair.

You also want to consider the means by which the hair replacement system is attached to your head. A hair piece can merely rest on your head or stay attached with an adhesive or a clip. There are also systems that feature a skin-like texture to which the hair is embedded. The base can be translucent, allowing your own skin color to show through for the most natural look.

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