Hair Restoration Clinic

Written by Jill Morrison
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A hair restoration clinic will provide you with the best hair loss treatment options for you. Hair loss is a common problem for men, and also for some women. Most hair loss victims will try any treatment in order to restore themselves with a full head of hair.

There are many different hair loss products available over the counter. Most topical products will simply thicken the hair that you already have. They do not typically encourage new hair growth.

Hair Restoration Clinic Benefits

Hair restoration clinic specialists will recommend the best treatment for your personal type of hair loss. If you have only noticed mild hair loss, or some thinning, a specialist may recommend the prescription drug, Propecia. Propecia does not promote re-growth of hair, but it will prevent future hair loss if taken consistently.

If you have significant hair loss, you may want to consider a hair transplant. The surgery can be performed in any hair restoration clinic. This surgery is expensive, but it is the only way to restore a full head of hair, permanently.

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