Hair Restoration Doctor

Written by Carolyn Larson
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If you're losing your hair, you're probably faced with a constant state of panic, wondering what you can do to stop it. There are several new medications on the market that can slow your receding hairline, but if you've already lost hair on certain parts of the scalp these medications cannot cause it to grow again. So what can be done to bring back the look of a full head of hair?

The best option for treating bald spots is to consult a hair restoration doctor. These doctors are trained in the relatively specialized field of hair transplants, which allow you to move healthy hair from one part of your head to thinner spots elsewhere on your scalp. Hair restoration doctors use ever-advancing techniques to recreate a full, natural-looking head of hair.

Who Uses Hair Restoration Doctors?

Men with genetic hair loss (also known as male pattern baldness) are by far the most common recipients of hair restoration surgery. This type of surgery works particularly well with men who still have thick hair around the back and sides of the head. Since this is a very common type of baldness among men, there are a great many men who are eligible for hair restoration surgery.

Hair restoration surgery is not just for men, however. Women who have experienced hair loss (either through illness or as a result of genetics) can also benefit from the procedure. Hair restoration surgery is also used to cover scars that no longer grow hair, and to restore thinning eyebrows and facial hair.

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