Hair Transplant Photos

Written by Charles Peacock
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Hair transplant procedures may sound too good to be true, particularly if you only read advertising websites dedicated to promoting them. In reality, hair transplants can be very effective for people with certain levels of baldness. They are not, however, for everyone.

Are Hair Transplants Right for You?

As the old saying goes, "seeing is believing"--and this holds particularly true for hair transplant surgery. One thing that will undoubtedly convince you of the merits of the procedure is seeing before and after photos of patients who have had hair transplants. You can find photos like these on the websites of many leading hair replacement clinics.

Another great way to see the possibilities of hair replacement surgery is to visit the office of a specialist. Any good doctor will keep books of photos of past patients, so you can see exactly what they looked like before the surgery and what they look like now. In some cases the doctor may even encourage you to meet with a former patient in person to see the results and discuss their experience.

Another great thing about looking at before and after photos is that you can get an idea of what the possibilities are for your particular scalp. By finding a former patient with similar hair and baldness patterns, you can get an idea of what the procedure can do for you. Many doctors will even have photos taken at yearly intervals after the surgery was done, so you can see how the hair looks after it grows back or after other regions on the head begin to thin.

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