Hair Transplants Problems

Written by Carolyn Larson
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As with any type of medical procedure, hair replacement surgery comes with risks. In most cases, however, the potential problems are by far outweighed by the potential benefits. Hair transplants are one of the safest types of surgery, and choosing an experienced, skilled surgeon will allow you to virtually eliminate the risk of anything going wrong.

Potential Problems with Hair Transplant Surgery

The first problem to keep in mind if you're thinking of getting hair transplant surgery is that you need to have enough donor hair to make the surgery worthwhile. Since the hair transplanted onto your bald spot(s) will have to be taken from other parts of your own scalp, it's important that you have a decent amount of active hair growth on the sides or back of your head. If you don't have enough hair to donate, you might wind up with a full head of very thin hair.

The riskiest aspect of hair transplant procedures is making sure that the transplanted hair follicles survive in their new location. It is absolutely crucial that you choose a doctor who knows how to handle the follicles and has the proper tools to ensure their survival. Once a follicle is lost it can never be brought back to life, so it's important that the surgeon treats each and every one with the utmost care.

Since hair transplants will not stop genetically-programmed hair loss in other areas of your head, it's also important to choose a doctor who will plan for future hair loss when he does the procedure. In other words, you don't want the doctor to replace the hair at the front of your head only to find the middle of your head going bald two years later. Good doctors will distribute the transplants evenly to make sure your head looks natural even as you continue to lose hair.

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