Laser Hair Removal

Written by Rylee Newton
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When I first decided to have laser hair removal surgery I wasn't sure if I was making a big mistake or not. I had been struggling for years with unwanted hair on my upper lip, and I was getting tired of finding long hair on my upper lip when I left the house. No matter how much I plucked the area, the hair kept growing back.

As a person with dark hair, it was embarrassing to have this hair grow in dark enough to look like a mustache. My mother used to bleach her upper lip, but she always complained about how much work went in to keeping up with her hair growth. I wanted to find a permanent solution that would take my mind of my hair growth for good. A friend of mine had laser hair removal surgery, and she gave me the name of her doctor.

Get Permanent Results with Laser Hair Removal

I was worried that the laser hair removal process might end up leaving scars on my face. The doctor assured me this was not the case, and provided me with photographs of all the success stories to come out of his office. I decided to have the surgery, and was surprised to learn just how affordable it was going to be. Since this procedure has become so popular in recent years, the prices have really come down for it.

Thanks to this hair removal procedure, I have regained a great deal of my confidence. I feel like I can flirt again without being self-conscious of my facial hair. Nothing was more frustrating and humiliating than having that dark coat of hair on my upper lip. I don't regret my decision for a minute, and am happy to report little to no hair has grown back on my upper lip in years. When and if it does, I wouldn't think twice about going in for additional treatments.

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