Male Pattern Baldness

Written by Jill Morrison
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Male pattern baldness is a problem for many men. 95 percent of the time, hair loss is related to genetics. Other contributing factors include head trauma, stress, lack of nutrition, illness, and use of certain prescription drugs.

Male Pattern Baldness Treatments

Male pattern baldness is a title for individuals with hair that is lost, receding, or thinning. There are many tonics, creams, and sprays that can mask the problem of hair loss, but they will never solve it completely. Typically, these products bond to hair strands and make them appear to be thicker.

Men may take certain medications to prevent male pattern baldness. Propecia is very effective in stopping future hair loss, though it will not encourage new hair growth. Once hair is lost, it is very difficult to encourage re-growth, so Propecia should be taken immediately when hair loss is apparent.

If special products or drugs do not help your problem with hair loss, you may want to consider hair transplantation. Hair transplantation will surgically add hair to the follicles in your head for a permanent result. Patients are often thrilled with the result and recommend the procedure to friends with the same hair loss issues.

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