Male Pattern Hair Loss

Written by Michael Federico
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Male pattern hair loss is the most commonly known type of hair loss in the world. Everyone is familiar with it, and most men, in one way or another, fear it. The look of it is recognizable. Hair on the back and sides of the head remains pretty much intact, but that on the crown and the vertex slowly thins until, one day, it is completely gone. The front hairline recedes until it, too, is relatively non-existent.

There are a number of things that people attribute male pattern hair loss to. Most say it is hereditary, casting blame on a man's maternal grandfather. Other people say it has to do with stress, or wearing a baseball cap too much. Whatever, its deeper cause, the actual process of pattern baldness is linked to the production of DHT. DHT, which is converted from testosterone, affects hair growth cycles and leads to baldness. There are many products that claim they can stop this process, but only a few have been consistently effective.

Differences in Treatments for Male Pattern Hair Loss

There was a time when a man losing his hair could either embrace his new look or invest in a toupee. There are far more options available today, but not all of them are effective. Hair transplant surgery has worked for many. When done well, it can give a man a natural, functional head of hear. However, hair transplant surgery is generally expensive, recovery time can be long, and there are risks inherent in any surgical procedure. Also, if not handled properly, the result can look less-than-realistic.

There are products on the market that are far less expensive and generally less painful than surgery. Some of these products are chemically derived, employing the use of substances like finasteride. Other products are natural, made up of botanicals, vitamins, or minerals. Natural products do not produce the side effects of their synthetic counterparts, but they are not subject to the same tests, so in some cases it is difficult to determine exactly how a natural product prevents male pattern hair loss.

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