Natural Hair Loss Treatments

Written by Michael Federico
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In America, natural hair loss treatments do not receive the publicity that prescription treatments get. This is due, in part, to what could be perceived as a cultural bias. Many Americans simply do not believe natural remedies work, whether they are used for fighting off common maladies or treating hair loss. However, the rise in popularity of organic nutritional supplements has introduced a lot of people to the fact that there are natural alternatives for many synthetic products.

Hair loss treatments, natural or otherwise, do not work for everyone. There are more natural treatments that fail to help those who use them, because natural products do not have to undergo the same testing and research as pharmaceutical products. This means that more natural treatments can find their way into the market place.

Proven Natural Hair Loss Treatments

A handful of companies that produce natural hair loss treatments have gone out of their way to have independent research done on their products. In many cases, the FDA has been brought in to do testing. Administration reports on some of these items indicate that they are at least as effective at combating pattern hair loss as most prescription products available.

Some natural treatments involve supplements, topical serums, and revitalizing shampoos. The items are used in conjunction over a certain period of time (usually three, six, or twelve months). Each item is designed to stop thinning and spark growth. Many of these natural solutions can effectively work on the entire scalp, which is a claim that few prescription products can make.

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