Natural Hair Regrowth

Written by Michael Federico
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Many people live under the impression that once hair stops growing it is done for good. Even people who seek hair loss treatments generally do so to prevent further hair loss, not to regenerate hair on parts of the scalp that have gone bald. There are, however, natural hair rejuvenation products that both stem hair loss and spark growth.

The life cycle of hair generally lasts three to six years. It is divided into three portions; anacin, catalan, and telogen. Anacin is the growth phase, catalan is the period of partial degeneration, and during telogen, hair is shed. When the body converts testosterone to DHT this life cycle speeds up, hair sheds faster, and eventually it ceases to grow back. This is the process of pattern hair loss.

Do Natural Hair Regrowth Products Work?

Regrowth products work in a number of different ways. They block production of DHT and reduce the damage it can inflict upon hair follicles. This alleviates the hair loss process. Natural treatments generally use Saw Palmetto, Beta Sitosterol, or a similar supplement to accomplish this.

Once hair loss is slowed, regrowth can begin. Using caplets that are taken orally, topical solutions, or a combination of both, a person is able to improve circulation in the hair follicles and stimulate hair cell metabolism. Also, certain products can excite club hair to grow into normal hair, and they can help dying follicles recuperate. Not all natural regrowth treatments work in exactly the same way. The time required and the costs involved will vary.

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