Nioxin Conditioners

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Once the scalp environment is restored to its optimal potential after being cleansed with a Nioxin bionutrient shampoo, conditioners can provide additional help with thinning hair. Nioxin conditioners go to work on both the scalp and the hair itself, to prevent the appearance of hair loss. The conditioners have detangling and strengthening properties that help repair cuticle damage and increase the hair's tensile durability. As a result, the scalp is less likely to produce hairs that easily break off, or race through the growth cycle too quickly, resulting in unhealthy, thin-looking hair.

Secondary Benefits of Nioxin Conditioners

In addition to their main functions, Nioxin conditioners also provide a number of secondary benefits. Nioxin's ProCement system helps to prevent and restore split ends, allowing hair to appear healthier and more full. Some varieties also offer increased UV protection, as well as protection against damages that can come from styling products or the environment. This extra level of protection can go a long way in maintaining a healthy scalp and hairline.

A lot of scalp conditions resulting in thin hair can be attributed to poor circulation, as well as inadequate vitamin assimilation. These problems can occur when a scalp is too dry, and not able to retain moisture. Nioxin conditioners are designed to maintain the environment created by the bionutrient treatment shampoos. This insures the moisture remains in the scalp, and the vitamins and minerals are evenly distributed, fostering the growth of strong, healthy hair.

Nioxin also offers a leave-in conditioner, called "Creatives Bliss." This product offers all the benefits of their other conditioners, but is also beneficial for styled hair. Many hair styling products can create the scalp buildup or chemical residue associated with thinning hair. Creative Bliss uses natural, light ingredients that can be combed right into the hair without causing any damage. This allows for enhanced style, volume, and shine without the risk of harmful product buildup.

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