Nioxin Gels

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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If you're using Nioxin, you already know that, in many cases, thinning hair can be partially blamed on styling products. Many styling products can leave chemical residues and other product buildup behind, weakening the scalp's ability to consistently produce healthy hair in the usual growth cycle. Once you've begun to restore your scalp to its optimal condition, you certainly won't want to destroy all of your progress by using harmful styling products. Fortunately, Nioxin has developed a line of gels and styling products that allow you to control your hair without sacrificing any of it.

The Bionutrient Creative line of styling products aims to not only prevent additional hair loss, but also to enhance the appearance of fine and thinning hair. These products are specially designed to sculpt and style thinning hair, with volume building properties and a lightweight touch. Bionutrient Creatives use none of the heavy proteins, resins, or compounds found in most styling products, and as a result, keep the scalp environment clean while keeping the hair from being weighed down.

Varieties of Nioxin Gel

Nioxin's Liquid Gel provides superior styling and hold for thin-looking hair. It is resistant to humidity, and can be used to create a wet or dry look. Nutrients in the gel bind to each individual strand of hair, adding bounce, shine, and an overall healthy appearance. The nutrients also help repair hair by restructuring damaged keratin bonds. This helps increase volume, giving the hair a more full appearance. Liquid Gel also provides protection against UV rays, dryness, and other environmental factors that can contribute to thin-looking hair.

Niogel, another product in the Bionutrient Creative line, is a weightless styling gel capable of lending definition and volume without stickiness and stiffness to thinning hair. Instead of the alcohol and resins found in many styling gels, Niogel uses a unique lightweight protein complex, known as Memoryplex II. This compound bonds with hair, instead of coating it, and in doing so provides thinning hair with the boost it needs to appear healthy, full, and styled.

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