Non Surgical Hair Restoration

Written by Michael Federico
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Non-surgical hair restoration is sought after by far more people than surgical restoration. The cost of surgery is often far too high for most people to afford. Also, the idea of undergoing a potentially painful recovery period and the risks involved in all elective surgery keep many people from seeking a "hair transplant."

There was a time when surgery seemed like the only viable option for people who were losing their hair. Hair restoration products were generally ineffective, and a lot were actually straight-up scams. That is no longer the case. People have had success with many different products. They are keeping their hair for a longer length of time without having to endure countless trips to the doctor's office.

The Cost of Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

A full-fledged, three-product hair restoration treatment can be found for under $200. These systems, which generally include tablets that are taken orally, shampoo, and a topical serum, should be used for three months. There are longer, more expensive (often $300 - $350) programs that might better suit people who have reached a certain phase of hair loss.

It is also possible to buy each product separately. A person can find a high-quality, successfully tested hair loss prevention shampoo for around $25. Topical treatments cost about the same. A bottle of 60 tablets or gel caps that are usually taken twice daily costs around $60. There are cheaper products on the market, but they generally have not been reviewed or tested by the FDA or any other health group.

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