Remy Hair

Written by Scott Martin
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Remy hair is a great type of replacement hair. It's at the top of the market for replacement hair due to its incredible appearance, durability and strength. Remy hair is real, human hair so you know that the result is the most natural possible.

The Basics of Remy Hair

While synthetic hair is a great choice for some people due to its ability to hold style and curl better than real hair, many people like the look and feel of real hair over synthetic hair. Remy hair is cut from a person's head and sewn into a hairpiece. It is sewn in the same directions that hair grows naturally so it falls just like natural hair.

The texture of Remy hair is incredibly soft. It falls just like natural hair so you may see subtle waves in certain places. You can also style it as you would natural hair because it's just that--natural.

A great advantage to having Remy hair or natural hair in your hair system is the color of the hair. Real hair is never one solid color. It has many different shadings and highlights. Sometimes synthetic hair does not have the shadings that real hair does. With real human hair, you're guaranteed to have natural color that looks great.

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