Reviews Of Nioxin

Written by Michael Federico
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Nioxin is a naturally based hair loss treatment. It functions in much the same way as other natural hair loss prevention products. The Nioxin program, like most others, is made up of several products including a topical solution, shampoo, and styling products.

The thing that truly separates Nioxin from other natural hair loss solutions is that it breaks its products into two distinct categories, Actives and Protectives. Both serve the same purpose, blocking the production of DHT, which is linked to hair loss and stimulating hair growth. However, all of the products that fall into the Protectives category are designed specifically for hair that has been chemically treated. Often, hair that has been chemically treated will require different hair loss prevention tactics than hair that has not been treated, so the division of the products can be helpful.

Positives and Negatives of Nioxin

The fact that Nioxin does have products for both chemically treated and non-treated hair is a positive thing. At the very least, it demonstrates to people that everyone's hair is not the same, so it should not be treated as such. Nioxin is also a natural system, using herbs and botanicals as its base. This means that side effects are far less likely to occur.

The problems with Nioxin are the same problems that most hair loss systems have. They simply do not work for everyone. Companies are not always willing to come out and say this, but for every success story they put on their websites there is at least one story that didn't turn out as well. Also, being a natural system, Nioxin has not been subject to FDA tests and standards. This simply means that some of the ingredients involved might not have scientific backing that definitively states they can assist in hair loss prevention.

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nioxin is hell on my scalp so i use this

What about hairloss shampoos? A lot of them have the main active compounds of these natural products. Also th ones with ketoconazole. I use one call RegenePure, it's doing wonders on my hair. And it helps out as an anti-dandruff. I always get mine online