Written by Michael Federico
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Reviovogen is a hair loss solution that is designed to work for both men and women. While pattern baldness is much more common in men, it does effect women, and it is often difficult for women to find products that work for them. Revivogen is supposed to fight thinning hair, while stimulating new hair growth and promoting fuller, thicker, healthier hair.

The active ingredients in Revivogen are a variety of vitamins and natural supplements that include GLA, ALA, Linoleic Acid, Vitamin B6, and Zinc. Revivogen also uses Saw Palmetto extract. This is one of the only natural substances that has been tested by the FDA and other outside health organizations for the treatment of hair loss. The FDA's approval of Saw Palmetto makes it a very important ingredient to look for when choosing a natural hair loss prevention system.

Revivogen Products

The majority of hair loss solutions these days are made up of several products and require a person to go through a number of steps each day or week. Revivogen is no different. There is a scalp therapy solution that must be applied. This blocks DHT production and activates a hair follicle's growth phase.

There is a bio-cleansing shampoo that uses the same active ingredients as the topical solution and further stimulates growth. It also improves the scalp's condition. Finally, there is a thickening conditioner. This product is more about appearances than anything else. It makes hair look thicker and fuller, and it can add shine as well.

People who buy hair loss solutions are usually taken in by the before and after photos they see in ads. Revivogen, like other products, has helped some people who have thinning hair. However, before spending the money and committing the time, a person should look for unsolicited testimonies about different products to see what people's honest reactions, on the whole, have been.

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What about hairloss shampoos? A lot of them have the main active compounds of these natural products. Also th ones with ketoconazole. I use one call RegenePure, it's doing wonders on my hair. And it helps out as an anti-dandruff. I always get mine online