Rogaine Comparison

Written by Michael Federico
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Rogaine has long been the most recognizable treatment for hair loss in America. For several years, it was one of the only solutions that had been approved by the FDA. Due to the head start it had on other products, Rogaine is still the hair loss solution most recommended by dermatologists.

Rogaine is the brand form of Minoxidil. It consists of a topical formula that is applied twice daily directly to the scalp. Minoxidil is said to block the production of DHT, which is responsible for most pattern baldness. Slowing down hair loss is one thing, but Rogaine claims to have the ability to regrow hair, as well. While some people have seen better scalp coverage after using the product, there is still wide spread skepticism surrounding Rogaine, because it does not, by any means, work for everybody.

Comparing Rogaine to Natural Hair Loss Solutions

There is a belief by many that if Rogaine works at all, it only works during the time that it is being used. This means that once a person stops applying Rogaine, his hair begins to fall out again. This claim has actually been made about the majority of chemically based hair loss treatments, though.

There are natural solutions that use substances such as Saw Palmetto that work in a similar way to Rogaine. They are applied to the scalp, and often are used in conjunction with vitamin supplements and shampoos. Unlike Rogaine, however, most natural hair loss remedies do not have side effects like scalp irritation and itching. Also unlike Rogaine, many natural products have not been tested by the FDA, so it is best to find those few that have.

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