Saw Palmetto And Hair Loss

Written by Michael Federico
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Saw Palmetto (serona repens) is also known as the dwarf palm. The berries of this palm tree have medicinal qualities that have been harnessed for over 1,000 years. Modern science has found several uses for Saw Palmetto berry extracts and berry powder. Chronic bronchitis, laryngitis, and other respiratory problems can all be treated with Saw Palmetto.

The dwarf palm is most commonly used to treat prostate inflammation. The fatty acids present in the berry extract work to inhibit the ill effects testosterone can have on the prostate. In doing so, Saw Palmetto allows urinary flow to improve, and it reduces bladder inflammation.

Does Saw Palmetto Prevent Hair Loss?

Saw Palmetto's interaction with testosterone is what led to its use in hair loss prevention. Pattern hair loss occurs when testosterone is converted to DHT. DHT is detrimental to hair growth, attacking follicles and reducing the hair growth cycle. Saw Palmetto can stall the conversion process, and it can block the effects that DHT has on hair follicles.

Hair loss products that use Saw Palmetto do not have to be tested or approved by the FDA, because like most natural supplements, Saw Palmetto is not considered a drug in the United States. There are a few hair loss treatments that have undergone testing. The results, on the whole, have been favorable. People who have used the products often report that their hairlines stopped receding, and hair growth was stimulated on all affected portions of the scalp.

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