Super Skins

Written by Scott Martin
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Super skins are the latest in base design when it comes to hair replacement systems. A super skin is the very latest on the base market, offering the best looking results when it comes to hair systems. You'll get a durable base that can withstand everyday wear and tear as well as a very naturally-looking system.

Why Super Skins?

Basically super skins bring together all the best parts of other base systems. You get the standard skin base but with the great injection technology of a CTR system. This means that the hair is injected into the skin base at various angles so it replicates real hair exactly. The hair will fall just like real hair does.

Super skins also have an added thin layer of silicone as a top layer on the bases. This makes the entire base more durable than any other base out there. These skins are very comfortable to wear which ensures that you'll keep wearing them.

The best part about super skins is that you get all the great quality but you don't have to spend a bundle. They are much more affordable than some hair systems on the market. It's worth your while to do some investigating so you can get your hands on a great hair system.

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