Thicker Hair

Written by Michael Federico
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Thicker hair can be produced by a variety of products. There are sprays that give the appearance of thickness and cover bald spots. Certain shampoos claim to give "fuller body" to anyone who uses them. Gels and other styling goods can also fill out thin hair. The problem is that most of these products simply create an illusion. They do not actually do anything to make hair thicker, and if a person's hair thins beyond a particular point, they will be of no help at all.

"Miracle" hair growth products have been around almost as long as long as pattern baldness. In most cases, very few miracles actually occurred. However, there is now a better understanding of the causes of pattern hair loss, and there are several treatments that can help a person maintain thicker hair for a longer period of time.

Using Shampoos to Produce Thicker Hair

Some shampoos and conditioners do more than create the look of thick hair. They inhibit the production of DHT, a major factor in the hair thinning process. Many of these shampoos accompany the use of prescription hair loss treatments, but some can be purchased without seeing a doctor.

Botanicals have been used by different cultures for thousands of years to treat an assortment of conditions. Like most natural remedies, botanicals have taken a long time to catch on in the West. However, botanical based hair thinning treatment products that have been tested and approved by the FDA have shown the capacity to treat hair loss just as well as many of the more expensive, riskier prescription treatments on the market.

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