Toupee Tape

Written by Scott Martin
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Toupee tape is used to adhere a toupee onto a scalp. It is usually double-sided tape that sticks to your scalp on one side and the toupee on the other side. Toupee tape needs to be very durable and strong to ensure that the toupee stays attached to your scalp. If the tape is not strong, you'll end up in a very embarrassing situation.

Other Alternatives to Toupee Tape

With new developments in the hair replacement field, there are many alternatives to traditional toupee tape. New adhesives bond hair systems to your scalp strongly and securely. With a quality adhesive, you don't have to worry about the toupee or hair system coming off at any time.

You can choose to either use a secure tape as an adhesive or other adhesive systems. Many suppliers use a polyfuse method where a track of hair around the perimeter of the hair system is bonded to the scalp. You can also choose to have the full hairpiece bonded to your scalp.

If properly bonded, the hair system should stay on your head no matter what. You can shower, swim and play any sport and rest assured that the system will stay right where it is supposed to. You'll feel good knowing that you can trust the adhesive of your choice. You do not want to waste time worrying about the security of your hair system.

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