Written by Scott Martin
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Toupees have been around for years as a means of hair replacement, traditionally for men. Many of us associate toupees with poor hair replacement. Most people can tell when someone is wearing a traditional toupee as it sits on the scalp rather unnaturally.

Since none of us want people to know that we are employing a method of hair replacement, these images of toupees are not very pleasant. Thankfully, hair replacement methods have improved over the years and there are systems on the market today that offer much better results than traditional toupees. New hair replacement systems offer natural-looking results so no one will ever know that the hair on your head is not God-given.

Toupees and Other Options

There are several things to consider when it comes to choosing the right means of hair replacement. You want to make sure that the hair in the system is very real-looking. You also want to ensure that the base in which the hair is injected looks just like natural skin. There are some systems that are transparent, allowing your natural skin color to show through.

You also want to pay careful attention to the frontal hairline. This is an area where things can easily go wrong with a hair replacement system. Since people are primarily looking at the front of your hairline, take the time to make sure your system looks great in this area.

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