Written by Scott Martin
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Vapon is a hair replacement company that offers many different adhesive choices for securing your hair piece to your scalp. Vapon also manufactures solvents and cleaners which ensure that your hair system stays in tip-top shape. If you care for your hair system correctly, you ensure its longevity and quality.

Vapon Products for Your Hair System

Vapon makes a variety of adhesive products, ranging from clear, double-sided tape to liquid adhesives. Whichever method of adhesion you choose, you'll want to ensure that you are clear on how to apply it correctly. Follow directions closely to ensure that the hairpiece stays exactly where you want it.

When it comes to removing the hair system from your scalp, there are many solvents on the market which can aid in the process. The solvents work to release the adhesives to make removal much easier. Most hair replacement system suppliers will offer some kind of solvent.

You can also invest in some hair system cleaner to keep the appearance of your hair system at its top level. These cleaners are generally gentler on your hairpiece, ensuring that your system stays strong. Check out some online suppliers to see all they have to offer.

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