Back Ache Remedy

Written by Carmela Slansky
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Looking for a Back Ache Remedy?

Suffering from back ache is so wide spread that comedians even make jokes about it. Back ache sufferers know that it is anything but a joke! The problem is that there is no one back ache remedy that works for everyone. But there are several things you can do to make sure you gradually pinpoint the cause or causes for your back ache, and gradually you will be able to improve your pain levels.

To begin with, check your posture and your bed. If you are spending hours in a position that is not giving proper support to the ligaments of your back, this can easily result in back pain. Look at your office chair, and if you use a computer, check the level of the screen (you should neither be looking up, nor down, but straight ahead), and make sure that the keyboard supports your hands at a comfortable height. Having your arms too high, in particular, can cause back pain.

Starting with Basics

Getting a new bed can be the best back ache remedy of all. Many of us don't realize that our bed is contributing to our discomfort until we try a new one. Then it hits us! A bed should be firm, but not overly so. Think about trying a really good traditional bed, or a memory foam mattress which can be great for relief of back pain.

A detoxification pouch again, can help as a back pain remedy. Often, pain anywhere in the body is the result of improper elimination of harmful toxins. Sometimes the body is not working quite as well as it should be, and sometimes the toxins themselves resist the body's efforts to get rid of them. Any assistance with detoxification of the body, therefore, will often be an effective back ache remedy.

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