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Being Healthy Is The Best Option

Written by cres
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You will probably agree with me that the chances of living a life with no major health problem are somewhat slim. Every year, many persons go to the hospital, some recover, others die. Most of the sicknesses are man-made because we disregarded the physical law of being a healthy person.

Statistics show that the mortality rate from modern degenerative diseases are increasing. But it does not end there. Signs of physical degeneration have been found in people in their twenties. Old age is far from being the only prerequisite for degenerative diseases, because it will strike anyone who is careless—putting health their at risk.

Once a person reaches middle age, his life expectancy is shortened. Lifestyle, exercise and dietary habits depend on where and how well a person lives, makes his living and the way he eats, and greatly affects his state of health.

Whether we like it or not, there are roles to play to be followed if we want to have human vigor, resistance to disease and longevity. When those rules were violated, nature will take its revenge in the form of ill-health and disease. But if obeyed, man's life can be full, creative, and remarkably free of physical impairment.

The dietary habits of many people is one of the supreme ironies of modern history. Our processed food was laden with dyes, preservatives, thickeners, etc. We consumed much sugar. Sugar was the prime additive in vending machine, hamburger stands, ice cream parlors and many others. We cannot live without sugar in our every needs.

The obvious way to avoid such nutritional pitfalls is to control consumption of processed refined foods. Proper cooking method can help. Balance is another important factors in food intake. Over-reliance in one basic food type can lead to future health problems. Unusual diet and over-use of food supplement should also be avoided. Vitamin C supplement may be helpful for fighting colds, but if taken in mega dose will lead to various digestive complication especially if wrongly administered.

Obviously, every individual has to seek out his own optimum level of food intake. One key in any diet plan is to avoid a radical departure from the present eating habits. Before making any changes, be sure to have a thorough knowledge of your problem and ask advice from nutritional experts if necessary.

In a developed countries, muscle power was replaced by machine power. We measured the quality of our life on how easy our work is to be, how abundant our accomplishments in a shorter period of time, and how many labor saving gadget we have at our disposal. Our muscles weakened for lack of use. Bodies bulged with fat because of excess calories.

Health and longevity don't depend exclusively on rippling muscles and slender contours. Physical fitness is determined by the condition of the heart, the size and elasticity of the arteries that feed blood to the heart, and the elasticity of the the lungs. No part of the body can survive without the services of the heart and bloodstream.

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