Dessert Mixes

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Dessert mixes are one of a handful of basics you'll want to stock in your kitchen for baking, even if you're just starting out. Gourmet mixes allow you to add the milk, sugar, and eggs, for a real homecooked flavor. It's like making your frostings and fillings from scratch, but without the time and guesswork.

Dessert Mixes Save Money

A good frosting and pudding mix is going to be a concentrated formula with many possibilities for preparation. They are often just slightly more expensive than one container of pre-made frosting, and they can provide dozens of sweet uses. The finished product of a good mix will taste better too with your own fresh ingredients.

Look for dessert mixes that come with versatile menu ideas to get you started. It's always handy to have food products like mixes and seasonings that you can adapt to your own tastes. These are the items that often save the day when faced with a spur-of-the-moment get-together or party.

Good mixes are the secret to many wonderful creations that taste like you spent all day on them. Look for recipes and ways to tailor the recipes to make your own signature desserts. There are plenty of gourmet dessert mixes available, and you'll surely be able to find one that's worth buying with a little bit of research.

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