Written by Patricia Skinner
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The Process of Detoxification

One of the first steps to regaining health and vitality is usually some form of bodily detoxification. There are many strategies you can use to help you get a lifetime's deposit of toxins out of your cells. Let's look at what an effective detox strategy might look like. To begin with, you'll need to look very closely at your diet.

The first rule of detoxification is to stop putting any more toxins into your body. You cannot expect to see results for any strategies you may employ if you're still pouring toxins in! Smoking, eating processed foods (especially hydrogenated fats), and sitting in polluted atmospheres all count as adding toxins to your body.

Speeding Up the Elimination of Toxins

So eliminating sources of further toxins is the first and most important part of any plan for detoxification. But then you need to look at your diet. I've already talked about how to get the right fruit and vegetables for your detox diet; please see the page of that name.

Apart from eliminating sources of toxins and licking your diet into shape then, is there anything else you can do to aid detoxification? There most certainly is. There are a number of supplements on the market that can very effectively help you with any detox strategy. In addition, things seriously of undertaking a series of colonic irrigation, or colon hydrotherapy treatments.

Often our bad habits can lead to deposits of gunk and toxins on the lining of our bowel. This can mean that our elimination slows to a crawl, and that we can no longer absorb nutrients from our food. To be sure, some of the detox supplements will help with the process of removing deposits from the wall of your colon, but colonic irrigation will make you feel fresh and new as well as give your body a healthy head start in this direction.

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