Dream Makers

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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"Dream Makers" is both the community of Usana representatives, and the name of its training program. Dream Makers strive to inspire financial and personal growth among their collective ranks. Rather than simply encouraging people to "make" their dreams come true, they emphasize the personal power to "be" one's own dream come true.

Dream Makers is the brainchild of two Usana distributors, Cecily Wright and John Charleston. Implementing the teachings of Andrew Carnegie and the "Master Mind" principles, they sought to create a senior Usana council that would provide leadership, training and support. This leadership council, made up of the most successful Usana distributors, is essentially an informational brain-trust for budding Usana associates.

The Dream Makers training and support program is credited with creating some of the most successful network marketers in the industry. Dream Makers strive to create a spirit of harmony and cooperation to help all Usana representatives achieve their goals. They have a mandate to give every Usana representative the tools that he or she needs to realize personal empowerment and financial freedom.

Dream Makers: 5 Steps to Freedom

The Dream Makers plan of action is a five stage strategy for success. They offer complete information about every product Usana manufactures. They have a "game plan," which helps with effective time management, and the setting and meeting of goals. Dream Makers also provides a marketing strategy, full training and tips for web presence, and finally, a simple commitment to support every representative achieve his or her success.

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