Financial Independence

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Financial independence is one of the most seductive phrases in the English language. It conjures images of, well, independence. But it doesn't have to be the stuff of fantasy: financial independence is realizable. It takes work and plenty of it, as well as ambition, focus and plenty of discipline. Nobody made millions by being lazy. But if you're of the mind that living free of 9 to 5 obligations, and being able to dictate your day on your own terms is worth changing your life, financial independence could certainly become a reality.

Many people are achieving financial freedom through hard work via products that are sold via multi-level marketing. MLMs are not pyramid schemes, which are scams. Multi-level marketing, thanks to the emergence of the Internet, is one of the fastest growing means toward financial independence.

Financial Independence: Health is Wealth, And How

If you have a genuine interest in health and wellness, you may find real satisfaction working for a nutritional MLM. The health and wellness movement is projected to become almost mind-bogglingly profitable over the next 20 years because of the 72 million baby boomers that insist on staying healthy and vital for the rest of their lives. And MLMs are not fringe, shady businesses. There are many MLMs that are actually listed as highly successful, reliable companies in the pages of Fortune and Forbes magazines.

MLMs offer many benefits. They allow independent entrepreneurs to step into an already established market with relatively little investment. They provide education and product training. They provide a pre-existing product that should already have a devoted following, which in many cases is practicing repeated purchases. Overhead, since you're working from home, is low, and the potential for great income is high. For people that dream of financial independence, a health and wellness MLM may be an opportunity to make that fantasy a cold, hard (cash) reality.

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