Fruit Washes

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Fruit washes are a great way to enjoy a diet rich in fruits and vegetables that is emphasized by experts as the basis for a healthy lifestyle. Since most of our produce is grown using pesticides and other chemical materials, its a good idea to purchase one of many available fruit washes to ensure maximum food safety. Most pesticides are not water soluble, so a simple rinse won't do much to remove them from our fresh foods.

Pesticides aren't the only enemy to the health benefits of our fruits and veggies. Residue that comes from so many people handling our produce from the orchard to the grocery store is a major threat to the nutritious properties of our foods. Waxes and other contaminants compound this effect by harboring harmful germs and bacteria.

Buying Quality Fruit Washes

As you shop around for fruit and vegetable washes, choose a product that is both economical and healthful. Many available washes are concentrated so that you can add a small amount to a sink-full or spray-bottle of water to make the product last much longer than pre-mixed products. A concentrate is the obvious way to go for maximum savings.

The great thing about many fruit washes is that they have no odor or taste, and rinse completely away. There's no point in adding flavors or preservatives to your fresh foods. You'll want to buy a product that won't overpower the natural flavor of the produce you've so carefully picked out.

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