Gain Weight Fast

Written by James Lyons
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There are a million different products on the market that claim to help skinny people gain weight fast. Some of the products include: protein powders, high calorie weight gain powders, boron, smilax, colon cleansers, blue-green algae, carbohydrate powders, carbohydrate drinks, liver tablets, and Mexican yams. These are just a few of the products currently available on the Internet, in gyms, in Fitness stores, and in general nutrition stores.

Do any of these products work? Some of them do and some of them don't. Much of it depends on the person taking the supplement. Body chemistry varies from person to person. Whey protein powder might work for me, but not for my best friend. Liver tablets might work for you, but not your sister. However, some products like Ectoplan, have seemed to work for a large percentage of its users.

Don't Blame Your Metabolism

Skinny people often blame their metabolism for their slight figures. Obese people do the same thing. However, most studies indicate that differences in basal metabolic rate (the measure of the rate at which the body burns energy during rest) per unit of body weight among relatively healthy people of the same gender are relatively small. Some people are afflicted with metabolic disorders like hyperthyroidism which can result in an increased metabolic rate.

Underweight people typically have fewer fat and muscle cells, especially the ones that have trouble gaining weight. To gain weight fast, these people need to build a weight training plan that involves heavy weight and few repetitions. Solid weight training can actually help add new muscle cells to the body, a process labeled hyperplasia. These cells will stay with you the rest of your life. Couple heavy weight training with a healthy diet and a weight gain supplement like Ectoplan, and you should be able to gain weight fast.

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