Gourmet Peppers

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Gourmet peppers come in different varieties and blends depending on what you want to use them for. Pepper has been called the "King of Spices" due to its popularity and use in nearly every type of cuisine in the world. Due to its wide array of uses in cooking, its important to do a little research and make sure you get a quality pepper that suits your cooking needs.

Gourmet peppers are like other spices in that they have different qualities and properties depending on the climate conditions where they are grown. Malabar pepper originated on the southwest coast of India, and its peppercorns are small and strong compared to other varieties. Indonesia is home to Lampong pepper, which holds the distinction of being of bold flavor and stronger than even Malabar varieties.

Blended Gourmet Peppers

As with all good spice blends, pepper blends are a versatile must-have for chefs of all skill levels. Whether you need a spicy cajun pepper blend or a basic lemon pepper, you can find what you need in specialty markets and on the Internet from quality spice retailers. Many of these retailers can also provide you with some tried and true recipe ideas to go along with your spices.

High-quality gourmet peppers are the perfect addition to your spice rack, or right on your kitchen table next to the salt. World-renowned for its ability to hold flavor longer than almost any other spice, its an essential seasoning tool for your home cooking. Blended or by itself, pepper still retains its place as master spice.

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