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Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Healthcare products are particularly vital to athletes, both professional and amateur. Even more than the rest of us, athletes take a pounding, mentally and often literally, in the course of their regular day to day lives. Sports by their very nature are highly competitive, and athletes need every possible advantage in order to compete, and to keep their bodies in peak condition. If medical experts agree that even ordinary folks need daily supplementation, then athletes must be even more in need.

But because of mandatory testing, many athletes are concerned about taking nutritional supplements for fear that illegal substances, of which they're not even aware they are consuming, will be found in their bloodstreams. For instance, an Olympic bobsledder was disqualified from the games after testing positive for trace steroid amounts, which he claimed he innocently consumed in an ordinary protein powder. As a result, many coaches have actually recommended that their athletes take no nutritional supplements of any kind, in order to prevent potential scandal and unnecessary derailing of their training, or worse, their reputation and career.

Usana Healthcare Products: Entering into Contracts of Trust

After this and other athletic tales of woe, Usana Health Sciences labs in Salt City, Utah, examined the list of Olympic banned substances and immediately began to remove them from their own product ingredients. Usana is so sure of the purity of their healthcare products that in Canada they offer a guarantee of nearly one million dollars to any athlete that takes Usana healthcare products and then tests positive for any illegal substance. Today, Usana has entered into individual contractual sponsorships with several professional athletes, including runners, professional golfers, Olympic speed skaters and the Utah Starzz WNBA basketball team.

This athletic guarantee could be seen as symbolic of Usana's entire approach to healthcare. They believe in science based nutritional support designed to give the body the fuel it needs to operate at peak form. Through rigorous testing and voluntary compliance with the highest standards practiced in the industry, Usana puts their money where their mouth is when they guarantee the best for the people that put their trust in Usana healthcare products.

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