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Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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The healthcare products business is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. More and more people are recognizing the connection between nutrition and health. As a result, scientifically based nutritional products are being sold at record rates.

The field of nutrition as a recognized science is relatively new. In fact, vitamins, per se, weren't even "discovered" until the last century. It is only in very recent history that it's been considered common knowledge that nutrition has a real impact on overall health. But the more people learn, the more they know that they're probably not getting the nutrients they need from diet alone, and so increasing numbers are following doctors' advice to take multi-vitamins and other nutritional supplements.

Vitamins and Minerals: They're Not Called "Essential" for Nothing

There are multiple reasons to explain why our diets are insufficient sources for essential vitamins and minerals. First, modern agriculture techniques have resulted in foods that are grown much faster than they used to be, and so are exposed to the naturally occuring vitamins and minerals in the earth for a shorter period of time. Hence, they absorb less of these nutrients. Compounding this problem, the standard current usage of pesticides and other chemicals, which kill pests but also nutrients, results in earth less minerally rich than it was 20 years ago.

Secondly, stress--both environmental and emotional--actually "eats up" nutrients. If you consider nutrients as being similar to fuel, then being stressed--or just being in stressful situations--is akin to running your engine in the red. In terms of just dealing with stress alone, we may need more nutrients in a day than our grandparents needed in a week.

Finally, contemporary eating habits--from fast foods that are cooked at high heat which kills vitamin content, to processed foods that suffer the same fate--are inherent vitamin eliminators. So, with food less nutritionally rich than it used to be, then cooked or packaged in a way that eliminates what few nutrients it's managed to retain, and finally having nutritional demands greater than previous generations, most of us are suffering from serious nutritional depletion. If you think you're covered by taking a one-a-day type vitamin that meets only the RDA specifications, consider this: that famous "Recommended Daily Allowance" does not list vitamin and mineral levels for optimum health. Those RDA levels are what 1940s science determined was needed for a people to merely survive.

Concern Over Free Radicals

Now--if you haven't yet leapt up to go grab a handful of vitamin C--let's also consider the new enemy, unheard of 20 years ago, the "free radical". Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules. Like everything else in this life, these free radicals don't want to be unstable; they want to be balanced. And the only way they know how to achieve this goal is to attack the normal, happy minding-their-own business cells in our bodies and rob them of their balance in order to get what they're missing. Cellular biologists have theorized that it's this attack of "free radicals" that has the most impact on cellular damage. Cellular damage translates into weaker immune systems and premature aging. Enter antioxidants to the rescue, which protect your healthy cells and keep them from being damaged by those pesky free radicals. And you know the best way to get these little crime fighters into your system? Yes--antioxidant supplements.

Healthcare Products Business: A New Kind of Boom

So, yes, nutritional supplements are practically jumping off the shelves. This is hardly surprising. And guess what? This trend has only just begun.

As a matter of fact, the entire health and wellness industry is projected by market experts as being on the brink of a full explosion. It's theorized that nutritional supplements and other wellness products will soon make the movement look like hula-hoops. Many people, with an eye on major trends, are quietly moving into the healthcare products business, and getting ready to become really, really successful.

If you think maybe it's a good market, but it's probably hit its stride, consider this: 72 million Baby Boomers are just beginning to turn 50. Like every other age they've entered, these kids that were born between 1946 and 1964 are poised to make history yet again by redefining what it means to grow old. There are no indicators that suggest that like their parents and other previous generations, they'll just go inside and turn off the lights. No. It's a bonafide paradigm shift that is about to happen: that good health and good looks, supported through healthy living, will translate into vim and vigor, with bodies that look good and feel great up to 60, 70 and beyond. That is a powerful market, and one that will be happy to spend from deep pockets on products that are scientifically based that can deliver. For those that are interested in pursuing a new career, or looking for online business opportunities, this is a real chance to be ahead of a major trend with potentially untapped earnings potential.

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