High Cholesterol Treatment

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Looking for an Effective High Cholesterol Treatment

If you're looking for a natural high cholesterol treatment, I don't blame you! In my opinion, no one in their right minds would go for an option that can cause muscle degeneration, among many other things! Let's face it, we're trying to get our cholesterol levels down to keep our hearts healthy, and the heart is a muscle! There are dozens of natural things you can do to get your cholesterol levels down, beside the standard diet and exercise.

Again, the first line of defense is diet! To begin with, eliminate all processed oils from your diet. Use only virgin, cold pressed oils, preferably olive oil, or fresh butter. Manufactured oils are full of trans fatty acids and they will raise your cholesterol levels no matter what the manufacturer says! A little tip here: cocoa butter that you get in good chocolate is actually good for cholesterol levels!

Other Ways of Lowering Cholesterol

Natural grains, particularly oatmeal are great for lowering cholesterol, as are the standard fresh fruit and vegetables that I always talk about. But in particular, try and drink freshly squeezed carrot juice. Try mixing it with apple juice if you don't enjoy the taste. Garlic is another great way of reducing cholesterol, as is adding extra nutrients to your diet and increasing your levels of roughage. In particular, rice bran can help.

Rice bran, in addition to a lot of extra roughage, has many nutrients that can constitute a high cholesterol treatment. Remember that fast food is your enemy as far as cholesterol is concerned, and follow our simple guidelines and you shouldn't have a cholesterol problem at all! Make sure you take a look at our other pages for further information on improving diet and taking supplements.

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