Home Based Business Opportunities

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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The Internet is jam packed with home based business opportunities. One hardly needs to look past an email inbox to find dozens of offers and opportunities to start a home based business. But finding the right opportunity for you can be challenging.

It's been reported that over 80 percent of home based businesses fail. What are the secrets for the 20 percent that succeed? Many claim that it's not about discovering secrets--it's about believing in a good product, and conducting informed research and intelligent marketing. Experts in home based businesses say there are four standards which the product or service you decide to sell should meet.

Home Based Business Opportunities: Sell What They Need, When They Need It

The first is to find a market that already exists. For instance, the healthcare/wellness market is booming, with no anticipated slowdown. It has all the potential of Oklahoma oil and dot-coms combined. The second key is to have products or services that offer at least a four to one profit margin (ie, the product costs you a dollar, and you charge four).

Next, the product/service you provide should be an easy, and ideally immediate solution to a current problem. Finally, the product/service you offer should be marketed as a solution, not a prevention of a problem. Good sense or not, Americans in particular love a product that solves their problems. Most people are just not overly interested in prevention, possibly because many can't imagine having certain problems until trouble actually bites them on the fanny. Poor Benjamin Franklin is surely shaking his head somewhere over the fact that folks still haven't figured out that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. However, clever home based entrepreneurs can take advantage of this knowledge and build a sound home-based business that has a fighting chance to succeed.

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