Kitchen Basics

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Gourmet kitchen basics can be found on the Internet complete with creative recipes to get you started. If you're just starting out cooking, invest a little time into finding out how to stock your kitchen with some basic seasonings, extracts, and spices to have on hand for whatever recipes come your way. With a little research, you can make sure to have what you need when you go to create your own signature dishes.

I consider flavor extracts to be an important part of my own kitchen basics. Whether its turning plain, softened butter into a sweet spread for bread or glazing meats to be grilled, I use my extracts quite a bit. Since they are so concentrated, a little provides a lot of flavor.

Good spice blends are another convenient item to have on hand. Measuring one ingredient instead of several is much easier when seasoning with basic recipes. A good all-purpose spice blend can often replace your salt shaker on the table.

Buying Kitchen Basics
Since herbs and spices make up the basis for most kitchen basics, its important to find retailers with good spice processing practices to ensure the highest quality possible. Also make sure to get some good recipes for basic spices and extracts to give you some initial seasoning ideas. There are plenty of resources on the Web to get you started cooking like a pro.

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