Natural Body Lotions

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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The skin is the largest organ in the human body. Better than any other, it indicates the health of the body within. Simply put, healthy skin is beautiful skin. It glows, it appears supple and smooth. It's becoming to the eyes and soft to the touch. Through basic nutrition and simple application of carefully chosen topical lotions for moisture and protection, anyone's skin can glow with radiant beauty.

Natural Body Lotions: Your Face Isn't Your Only Feature

Most of us pay considerable attention to facial skin, tending to it with gentle, effective cleansers, gentle and effective toners, treating it with anti-aging serums and moisturizing it daily and nightly. After all that work, it's ironic that most of us simply ignore every bit of skin below the jawline except when the skin is screaming from dryness and irritation in the winter, or about to be exposed to admiring eyes in the summer. Beautiful, glowing skin is desirable whether it's on the face, or on your arms, legs, hands, feet, elbows and shoulders.

Through the regular use of natural body lotions, efforts taken to love and care for the general skin on the body can be as effective as those you practice for your complexion. A simple exfoliation in the shower, followed by gentle, fragrant, nutritionally packed natural body lotions can take years off your skin in a matter of days. Natural body lotions today not only include ingredients that act as emollients, but also firm and rejuvenate the skin.

Some extra ingredients which offer remarkable skin benefits include green tea extracts that fight aging antioxidants on a cellular level. Shea butter is a very well known moisturizer with powerful emollient properties, which provides moisture, and then locks it in. Echinacea (yes, the herb used for colds) and centella asiatica both work as firming agents, making the skin appear more toned, and adding youthful elasticity. Skin care shouldn't end at the jawline. Investing a little love to your whole body can make you more beautiful from every angle.

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