Natural Pain Relief

Written by Carmela Slansky
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Serious Natural Pain Relief

If you suffer from chronic or acute pain and you're looking for natural pain relief, what you choose will largely depend on the severity of your pain and its causes. For example, mild pain has the most natural solutions. But there are natural solutions even for the violent pain associated with cancer and terminal illness.

For this kind of pain, for which opiates are routinely prescribed, many naturopaths have used intravenous vitamin C. I know this sounds unlikely, but I heard it personally from a relative of mine who was dying of Leukemia, that the vitamin C actually worked better than morphine, and left her conscious so that she could be with her family.

Natural Pain Relief for Stresses and Strains

But the kind of natural pain relief we're going to talk about here is the kind you'll get from overusing some part of your body, and mild inflammations and irritations. To begin with, make an effort to give your body excellent nutrition. If the human organism has access to all the nutrients it needs, it is very adept at making its own painkilling substances! In addition, a well nourished body can deal with the stresses and strains and mild defects that can cause pain, repairing as and when necessary.

A well known source of natural pain relief is emu oil. This can gently soothe away muscular and joint aches and pains. Emu oil is even able to reduce swellings and relieve inflammation. Another natural source of pain relief is an ionic bracelet. This works by bringing energy flows into alignment so that the body can heal itself.

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