Natural Weight Loss

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Achieving Natural Weight Loss

At least a third of the population of the US is trying to lose weight-or seriously needs to lose weight, at any given point in time. Yet most of us are singularly unsuccessful, no matter how badly we want to achieve natural weight loss. Now why is that? Could it be that we're all doing it the wrong way?

To begin with, I think it's important to realize that any kind of natural weight loss is not going to be a temporary solution. To get weight off and keep it off, we're going to have to make some pretty serious lifestyle changes, and permanent changes to our diet. If once we lose weight, we give up our new habits and return to the eating patterns that got us fat in the first place, the likely result is so obvious that I'm not even going to say it!

Looking at Reasons We Gain Weight

A large number of naturopaths entertain the theory that at least some of us may be overweight because our appetite responds to the fact that we are clinically deficient in certain nutrients that the body needs. The theory is that we overeat in a desperate bid to replenish stocks of nutrients. Other theories suggest that we are overweight because some substance in the food we eat is playing havoc with our appestat. Just one of those substances may well be monosodium glutamate. It's in everything we eat, and did you know that they've been using it in labs for decades to make rats fat for experiments? What more do we need to know about it?

This is not at all unlikely given the level or artificial, processed foods that so many of us are eating, and the fact that so many of our foods contain chemicals, the effects of which on the human body have not been properly studied. So once again I'm going to say it. If you really are interested in natural weight loss and regaining optimum health, you're going to have to eliminate artificial, processed foods from your diet and include a lot more natural stuff that can actually offer your cells nutrition. Nutritional supplements can also play an important part.

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