Night Creams

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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For anyone that takes skin care seriously, the use of night creams should be a near sacred ritual. As the body sleeps, though your eyes may be closed and you appear to be at rest, internally your system is working in overdrive to repair, heal and refresh the body from the previous day's stress, while preparing for the next. Night creams are specifically designed to take advantage of this "healing process" by delivering vitamins, nutrients and beautifying plant extracts into the skin, where they're absorbed much more effectively than they would when the body is fully alert.

Night creams are not just regular moisturizers that you apply at night in greater quantity. Because they are not designed to be worn under makeup, they are typically heavier in texture. They contain extracts that are designed to be delivered into the skin over a period of hours. Good night creams are designed to work in partnership with the circadian rhythms that kick in once the body goes into sleep mode, repairing and healing on a cellular level.

Night Creams: Moisturizing Care Plus Repair

Night creams feature general emollients with usually some type of repairing treatment that provides maximum benefits overnight. For instance, many of the finest night creams found anywhere contain marine-based enzymes. Scientists are discovering that these marine enzymes, alone or in combination with other natural ingredients, not only moisturize the skin, but also firm it, reduce already visible signs of damage, and can actually prevent further cellular aging.

Night creams should be standard practice for anyone concerned with skin care or skin repair. Regular use can reduce puffiness. It can, over a period of time, eliminate the dark circles under eyes, and provide skin with a greater overall radiance. Night creams can eliminate dryness and uneven-ness of skin tone. You should also remember that all this care adds up over time, too.

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